Don’t Despise the Asses

Over the years I’ve thought about the life of Joseph. We can all take some comfort from his tests and trials, because they were not the end of Joseph’s story, but rather the beginning. Joseph certainly had some spectacularly amazing opportunities to abandon or to reject what God had shown him about his future. IContinue reading “Don’t Despise the Asses”

Psalm 139

He knows everything about you. You are never out of God’s sight. His desire is always for your good, and He knows all too well how to bring together what’s missing or lacking so that your life reflects more perfectly His glory and His purpose. 1 Lord, you know everything there is to know about me.2 YouContinue reading “Psalm 139”

Thoughts and Imaginations

Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions. —Albert Einstein What a gift God has given us to be able to imagine and see into the realm of possibility. As a young child, I was a dreamer—imagining far-away fantastical places where adventure awaited. I would look up at a rainbow that adorned the sky withContinue reading “Thoughts and Imaginations”