Observe the Light

When the storms of life come—and they come to all—it is faith in God’s eternal goodness and His promises that makes the light break through in the darkness.

—Tracey Pekkanen

When the path you tread withholds the light
When you cannot see—as if t’was night
Then take faith’s step, not born of sight
And make the darkness flee!

Though shadows loom and seek to scare
Upon the path where feet do dare
Hold tight the flame and take no care
And make the darkness flee!

Slip not your foot, nor slacken pace
Fear not the trial nor battle’s haste
Stand in the light of Truth’s embrace
And make the darkness flee!

Lift up your voice—let truth be heard
And angels hearken to His Word
The light shall pierce, and change shall stir
And make the darkness flee!

Observe the light—it cannot dim
No darkness can diminish Him
His light will see you to the win
And make the darkness flee!

By Tracey Pekkanen

© Copyright. Wired for Word Ministries. Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author and/or owner, is strictly prohibited. Permission is given to use excerpts and links, provided that full and clear credit is given to Wired for Word Ministries.

Published by wiredforword@gmail.com

Two things I love to do—to write about, and to teach God's amazing Word—thus the name of this blog site: Wired for Word. For many years I have been actively involved in a number of church ministries: Women's Ministry, Helps Ministry, Bible teaching and pastoral care. My heart is to touch lives with God's Word—to express from heaven, words that are divinely purposed for you in your now season—words that have the power to heal, to unlock, to inspire, to encourage... and instruct. I pray they will be anointed words for an appointed time in your life. I truly hope that Wired for Word will become a part of your life—even if only for a season!

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